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as cia director. federal law-enforcement officials revealed yesterday they took into custody al qaeda operatives and osama bin laden's son-in-law suleyman obligates. and the white house has undertaken a new charm offensive aimed at winning over rank-and- file congressional republicans for a potential grand economic bargain. that's where we begin with you this morning. your thoughts on the new effort of engagement by president obama and hear how optimistic you are that a deficit deal can be reached. give us a call -- 202-585-3883, if you are outside the united states. you can catch up with us on twitter, facebook, or e-mail us. a very good friday morning to you. i want to take you to some of the headlines about what is being called a charm offensive by president obama. this from the wall street journal this morning -- and from the washington post -- and from the new york times -- there you have a picture from wednesday night at the jefferson hotel in washington, d.c., where senators including tom coburn and saxby chambliss and joined the president for dinner that the president paid for
. it will not be happening for at least 30 days because that is a period of time by law that federal employees need to be notified that their subject to furlough. that is casting little bit of a different feel about this. host: here is the baltimore sun -- the social security administration said it might shoulder across-the-board spending cuts without spending habits -- sending any of its full-time employees home. guest: that is a good example of how agencies will determine on a one by one basis of how they will deal with this. you heard the defense department saying that it was a lot that as soon as it was possible, they were going to furlough employes one day each week. that is a 20% pay cut for civilian employees at the defense department. each agency will have autonomy in how they implement these cuts. each agency is going to release their plan on an individual basis. host: what about benefits? guest: this will affect -- will not impact retirement plans or insurance. for employers -- employees that received a match, if you're not putting as much pate, you'll not be contributing as much to your
a big lobby now and are selling them to other countries. selling them to law enforcement agencies within the united states. so it is all about money, really. i think it was a wise political move by senator paul. that's because he will force other republicans who don't necessarily agree with him to take the floor with him. it ended up being a political win. host: in the new york times this morning is this picture of the chairman of the judiciary committee, patrick leahy, with the attorney general william holder -- excuse me, eric holder. the article and attached to the picture says the senators are present eric holder on the use of military force. here's a little of what is he had to say. this was wednesday. [video clip] >> i think what you'll hear from the president in the short amount of time is -- we talked about the need for greater transparency in what we share, about. i'm really confident that if the american people had access to choices and some of this stuff can not be shared, but at least the representatives of the american people, if members of the intelligence committee would h
a severe mental illness. i was able to go to law school and establish it for myself. in terms of having other views on the panel, it could leave -- lead to an increase in stigma. my other point is that the way that we're looking at mental health services from the perspective of inpatient hospitalization, they have been looking at community-based care. host: let's let the congressman reply. guest: some people in america believe in such things as the pure services -- pierre services. they work very well with alcohol and -- peer services. they were very hat -- very well with alcohol and drug abuse. severe violence, there is high risk. the other reason that we're not having someone with severe mental illness on a panel, that is not what this panel is about. this is about telling congress people what it is like for families. that is important. i want members of congress the year from parents. since we are talking about severe mental illness that relates to violence, i will not bring someone out of prison to talk about what they kill people. we are not going to do that. that is a dangerous si
sign it into law?" host: i think that was one of the questions from the associated press. keep in mind the president was saying that sequestration was not going to happen, it was when to be avoided. caller: why did he sign it into law? what we have, unfortunately, as we have members of congress and the deaths administration holding 3100 million -- members of congress in this administration holding 310 million americans hostage. we had to pay them for that. there are a lot of americans who do not make a hundred 74,000 per year. -- make 174,000 per year. what are we supposed to do as american citizens? are we supposed to go out and risk millions of dollars on business every day to lose money or break even? host: from our twitter page -- joan is joining us from florida, good morning. in a word how would you describe sequestration? caller: it is twofold. we all know ronald reagan ran and tripled his deficit from the first to the second term and experienced a much milder recession than we are now. bill clinton had surpluses. the word "jobs" has been lost in all of this talk of sequestration
will push it forward until it becomes lawful in all states, north as well as south. what she can always find out more about our 16th president, -- >> you can always find out more about our 16th president online at the c-span video library. >> i was fascinated by her feminist views. remember the ladies or you will be in trouble. i am paraphrasing. she warned her husband. you cannot rule without including what women want and have to contribute. this is the 1700's she is saying that. >> abigail adams this monday night on the new history series. she was outspoken about her views on slavery and women's rights. one of the most prolific writers of any first lady, she provides a unique window into colonial life and her life with john adams. join the conversation live on monday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span, c-span radio, and anc- host: harold holzer joins us to talk about president abraham lincoln's influence on modern politics. he is a scholar and author. he is also a fellow at the new- york historical society. thank you for being on the program. why does it seem like president clinton
with laws? you can make a lot, but if you do not get to the right people and get them help, you will not change anything. i went into a sporting goods store yesterday, i went to three of them to buy some ammunition. all of the shelves were empty. there is something getting ready to go on. what i think it is is that people are fed up with the rich having everything in the port having nothing. there will come a time when the people will get fed up and tired of being without, and struggling, and being on the street. people are coming back from wars that they have fought for 10 years and there are no jobs and they're homeless. you better wake up. host: you brought up a lot of issues there, but before you go -- i think we lost him. in terms of the economy and other aspects, feeling disempowered, and things are not about violence, but we lost in, so maybe you can reflect on some of the issues he was bringing out. guest: first, i agree with him. there is no easy solution. that is what a lot of people, including people in the entertainment industry and elsewhere are guilty of, looking f
of congress are doing that osama bin laden's son-in-law should head to guantanamo bay. tsa will allow small knives to be taken on board along with small bats. the rules go into effect in april. for the next 45 minutes we want to get your thoughts on these changes on what you can bring on board. perhaps you agree or disagree or you think other things should be brought on board as well. here is your chance to weigh in. the tsa allowing small mice and golf clubs and the likes being allowed on air plaplanes. if you want to reach out on our social media platforms -- tsa has a website that will allow you to see what you will be able to bring on board when these rules go into affect in april. it gives you a visual of the things you can bring. you cannot bring anything with a fixed blade. the blade can not be wider than a half inch. it cannot lock. there are some other examples as well. these are the things that are now qualified as far as what you can bring on board. aside from the small knives there are some other things you can bring on. they are also allowing things like golf clubs, ski poles,
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8